The SCREEN project proposes to bring the concept of cognitive radio to Space and exploit the benefits that this technology has already shown in the terrestrial domain. The project will look into analysing, developing, implementing and testing cognitive radio algorithms for the different stages of the transceiver operation cycle: spectrum sensing, dynamic spectrum management (DSM) and decision making, radio reconfiguration and cognition/learning. The ground breaking element in SCREEN is however the implementation and testing. Even though some of the underlying technologies for the individual stages are not novel, the incorporation of all stages in a radio transceiver has never been done to the full extent of a cognitive, and not adaptive, system.

The overall SCREEN objectives are to:

Derive cognitive radio requirements based on the Satcom and ISL market needs and specifications and taking into account regulatory constraints.

Analyse, select, develop and simulate cognitive radio algorithms for spectrum sensing, dynamic spectrum management and learning.

Adapt an existing SDR platform based on the radio reconfiguration requirements and use it to implement the cognitive algorithms.

Test, validate and evaluate the prototype in laboratory environment (TRL4/5).

Derive an optimised CR S-band transceiver architecture, based on the performance results obtained and constraints identified during the tests.

Address all regulatory issues and develop exploitation strategies to build an adequate framework to allow future implementations of cognitive radio in space.