Work Packages and Timeframe

Given the complexity of the tasks and the scope of the activities, the project has been planned to span 24 months (two years), starting from January 2015. The scheduled workload for SCREEN is divided into 6 work packages (WPs) that will cover different technological issues and phases of the project: context and requirements (WP2), research and development (WP3, WP4) and testing (WP5). Administrative and technical management (WP1), as well as outreach and exploitation activities (WP6) build the framework. It is also assured that almost every partner has a WP leading role and that the workload is uniformly distributed. Below are short descriptions of each WP:

WP1: Project Management – This WP has the responsibility to coordinate partner efforts and manage the entire project, at financial, administrative, contractual and technical level (Leader: TEK-ASDS).

WP2: Context and Requirements – Defines the baseline technical, market and legal framework for the project and derives design and test requirements (Leader: AVA).

WP3: Cognitive Algorithms – This work package focuses on the selection, development and simulation of the most adequate spectrum sensing, DSM management and learning techniques and algorithms for the project (Leader: MIG).

WP4: Transceiver Platform – This WP adapts an existing S-band SDR transceiver to the project requirements, with a specific emphasis on reconfiguration, and deals with the implementation of the cognitive radio algorithms developed in WP3 (Leader: TEK-ASDS).

WP5: Testing and Validation – Defines and implements the test plan, runs the different tests and evaluates the results against the requirements. This WP is also responsible for defining a CR transceiver architecture based on the implementation and test results (Leader: INESC-PORTO).

WP6: Outreach and Exploitation – This WP handles the communication of the project activities during its execution, for interfacing the regulatory and standardisation entities and for planning the dissemination and exploitation strategy of the project results (Leader: MIG).